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Warfare 1917 & Last Stand 3

2008-10-03 20:05:24 by Con-Artists

Warfare 1917 is up on the portal now, head over and check it out. I've been bombarded with questions about it and certain other series' that I'm responsible since I re-emerged into the light to put this thing out there. So let's clear a few up:

Warfare - Will be a series of games. I've got ideas for at least two other time periods. What those are you'll have to see. Please don't send me ideas, I've got plenty of my own.

Last Stand - There will not be a Last Stand 3 in the forseeable future. I repeat, NOT. There will however be a sequel and it will be different. Better different, not bad different. I love the series too and get a lot out of creating them, so it will be back in a few projects time.

I'm working on this stuff full time now over at Armor Games, so you should see something new from me every few months as opposed to once every 8 months.

It's also the reason that the German Campaign is an exclusive to Armor Games as well. It's a bit of an extreme exclusive as it's a big chunk of the game, probably not something I'll do again to such an extreme.


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2010-04-02 17:08:13

I was playing last stand 2 and a FUCKING SPIDER CRAWLED UP THE SIDE OF MY FACE!!! I nearly jumped out of my window because then a friggin zombie broke through my barricade >:O GOD DAMN You make a good scary game...


2009-12-13 00:46:34

Its awesome how you can make such great games without any people (with the exception of your music friend). How hard is it to do this? Where did you even start?

To comment on your games, I'm a pretty big fan. I enjoyed last stand 1 & 2 as well as the warfare games. In my opinion Last Stand was better simply because I love zombie more. Anyway great job on your games and keep up the good work.

P.S. Answer the above questions plz :'3



2009-11-13 01:27:50

cool, your Warfare games are great, love to see more, but no last stand 3? thats just kinda a bummer

keep making awesome games


2009-08-21 22:25:29

will there be any kind of game like the last stand or anything coming soon cus i would really like to know..


2009-06-29 21:46:46

But you have to make a last stand 3!! Its the best zombie flash series ever made!!


2009-02-27 21:42:48

I LOVE LAST STAND I BEAT THEM BOTH MAKE THE 3rd ONE HARDER PLEASE and warfare 1917 is also a fun game played it for a good 2-3 hours but please make last stand 3 and if you could make some of the nights on the ship like you start on the lower floor and make your way to the upper deck to land the ship then if you dont make it in like 14 days you crash and sink and when you land the army blowes up the ship but there is one zombie left O.o

(fourth) then that one zombie attacks people (at beggining you wake up 2 a loud screaming a gorey sound you pick up your gun and go out and see 4 zombies feeding you run back insdie and make a shelter to fight them off then you have to make it to a new army base and find more survivors and there will be more guns

but that is just my oppinoin (i am sorry for my bad spelling if i spelled anything wrong in this passage) and i hope this will maybe help on the project of making last stand 3 and maybe 4

thank you for your time


2009-02-16 09:11:00

HUHUHU no last stand 3 why why then what is ur next game there is plenty of lyer which r saying that last stand 3 go to funny games forum.

WHat game r u gonna make next


2009-02-15 18:13:45

The next Warfare game should be about medieval times. becaues if they still fight wit guns it will still be basically the same game >.>


2009-01-17 21:52:06

yeaz!!the last stand was the first game i played here,and its what made me sign up as a member!!


2009-01-10 10:18:22

So when do you think the sequel to The Last Stand 2 will be finished? And is it still gonna be a defense game?


2009-01-09 13:08:45

the last stand is one of the best games i ever played very good


2009-01-09 01:19:21

Wow, the last stand games were solo jobs?
I loved all three of those games, you put alot of attention to detail and the results are awesome!

So are you doing WW2/Vietnam and Modern as your next warfare games?


2009-01-07 00:22:50

I read something 'bout a HDD crash down there... The only thing you need is an external HDD and Knoppix (LInux on a CD), ever try that? I rescued my data a few times like that.
Use Knoppix to boot pc and to access the data on your HDD.
If it was a different crash check that french guy.... he made a great prog... can't remember his name though


2009-01-06 12:16:53

Wow played all your games so far here and on Armorgames, you've got real talent and feeling for making games their all sooo good. Take care and never stop doing flash games!


2009-01-05 20:28:56

I've really enjoyed your games,all of them. I saw someone suggested you make a deal with microsoft,I seconed that. That would be a great thing,some money for you,and all your fans can play on 360. Anyway,I'd like to suggest one thing. Mabye make a mutiplayer last stand,where you play on story or survial with someone online. Keep up the great work man!


2008-12-26 17:50:13

yo u kik butt with ur games luv 'em all, all AWSOME games but you should make Warfare:1917 a Germany Project open on Newgrounds please


2008-12-22 00:42:22

hey guys i love your work,if its not too much trouble i would like u to send me an email when u make a new game(btw if u will send me one my name is dragon_slayer, but anyway thanks for making my gaming life meaningfull whenever i get bored of my games i come to you in hopes that i get a good time out of playing youre games and well i have but i havent seen any new games from you for a while :( but i will wait in hopes that your new work will be better than ever! i will be a waiting your next game i hope all is well and may ur great minds be with you good luck
your fan
William Wilder


2008-12-20 17:14:02

w00t! your games rule!


2008-12-19 16:38:47

No Last Stand 3? Awww, no fun ):


2008-12-11 19:00:11

I hope in the next Warfare game u can use the russians
please tellme obout next Warfare game


2008-12-04 08:57:48

no last stand 3? oh dang
i was excited for it.
oh well ill probebly survive as long as i know youre still working on games
anyways good luck on the next one


2008-12-02 23:56:47

last stand 3? i think not maybe prequel it would be a good idea and it could tell us what happon and you could staple a cheasy subtitle for example last stand origins


2008-12-01 19:17:20

I haven't played last stand yet but Warfare 1917 was the best game i played yet!
Some ideas:
For the next Warfare game series you should base it on WorldWar2. On the battles there could be the wolf packs(U Boat Packs) in the atlantic and The battle of Stalingrad where you could hold down germans with dug-in soldiers, Japan in military state were you send aircraft carrier support or Battleships, and for the fall of France the allies could control artillery and pillboxes.

To make it simple for ideas and areas of battles:
Mainland Europe
Britain Bombings
France dies to germans
U-boat atlantic
Pearl Harbour
Atomic Raid Hiroshima-NagaSaki

I have lots more ideas but I'm lazy and I really like strategy war games.


2008-11-27 13:01:16

Great Games I Think Warfare 1917 Is One Of The Best Web Game On The Net AT The Moment Welldone


2008-11-26 17:36:14

well actully i can see a new storyline could be intresting for his new zombie game or he could mayby do something like warfare 1917 in japan or a whole different war like veitnam.i`d also like to say awsome work on your games i think they should be practiclly on the xbox live arcade yor awsome dude


2008-11-26 13:57:14

You probable already have this idea but, for the next Warfare game, you schould call it, Warfare: 1945 in World War 2, or something, civil war even.


2008-11-25 08:57:03

I have 3 favourite flash movie makers on NG.
1. David Firth
2. Splapp-Me-Do
3. Egoraptor
And 3 favourite game makers.
1. EON
2. Jmtb02
3. Sean Cooper

With that, you just knocked Sean out of the competition. Good job!


2008-11-24 15:06:08

Yo not Last Stand 3 but maybe Last Stand 2.5 perhaps or make blooper version of it with people looking silly and weapons with funny looks. Also only battling clowns and ect. that are funny lol.


2008-11-23 10:17:24

I like the Warfare game a lot more than Last Stand , I'm really looking forward to sequels.


2008-11-22 18:35:03

Warfare 1917 was cool. What era is next for that series? And also: if you're making a last stand series game that's not the same type of game, what type of game mechanic can we expect to see?


2008-11-17 17:59:29



2008-11-15 15:25:05

Yeah, I know you said you don't like us leaving little hints at what you should really do.
Buuuuuut I like to put in my say anyways. You should make like Last Stand: Population You, some kind of zombie apocolyptic rpg....

Sorry for being a loser and posting ideas Con :[.
I just felt like I should say something because of no Last Stand 3...-tear-


2008-11-13 09:40:42

No last stand 3 you can go to hell...........

but if you make a good zombie game and better than last stand then i will forgive you.


2008-11-02 00:04:05

In a previous response to a comment you said it will be called 'Last Stand World', just by the title could I assume this might have sandbox style gameplay? Sounds awesome. By the way, do you actually get paid for doing this?


2008-10-30 22:19:17

Your games are awesome dude :3


2008-10-29 17:47:23



2008-10-29 06:41:33

Hmm - Warfare 1917 was pretty successful, relatively nice, but much too simple. Probably because during the early 1900s, there were limited weapons. Nice idea on the fire support and gas though.

I'm guessing you're going to make a Warfare 1940 for World War II. I would suggest more nations available, and different units/special units available for each unit. But the tanks should be upgraded - they can fire mortar and artillery now in WWII. Also, there are bombers and fighter planes, which could be a nice addition. But I'm guessing you're going to make 2 sides again - the Axis and the Allied. Allied - you know, Brits, America, France, (add China, too) etc. Axis: Mostly Germans and Japanese (OMG, I want to see a KAMIKAZE XD). You could make it more of a "world" campaign now rather than a linear land. In other words, rather than just land battles, make some "navy" battles in the sea. That would be pretty cool.

Well I understand that there are many things you could do, but there are also a file size limitation. So do what you must, and add the bulk of it: The infantry, the tanks, the planes, and the navy. Also, I think you need to add basic commands. There is no such thing as just moving forward. I think you should assign basic commands to troops: at least allow them to move forward and back. That way, it would be a more strategic battle. Fake a loss, retreat, and allowing an ambush. Land minds are a must, and I think that we should place them so that our soldiers can walk around them and the enemy won't see.

Um... a more plot-solid mission briefing would be nice. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go look at starcraft and Metal Gear Solid. For instance, the first mission would be about protecting and evacuating civilians. You are to shoot your way through enemy lines to make an evacuation route to allow innocent civilians to leave. There are 20 civilians, at least 5 must survive, or something like that. And allow some civilians pistols or something.

Hero units would be a great addition, whereas you can allow the heroes triple or double the stats of the regular unit. And heroes are your units for certain campaigns. Heroes must survive, whereas some missions are to kill heroes, like Adolf Hitler XD.

Wow, so many things to write... wait, why didn't I write this in the review? Oh never mind, just read it =P.


2008-10-29 05:06:06

the warfare 1917 is pretty good
but if you are going to make a sequel about the last stand and if it is a game then i have one thing to tell you ... make them move
it is getting a litle boring whene you just stey behind your own defences
if your defences in the game fail then the squad (or your self) have to do close combat against the zombies whene the defences have faild.
this is just my idea for the sequel to the last stand.
peac out home dog!


2008-10-28 14:11:07

I am really looking forward to the next last stand related content, I am a massive fan of the zombie genre in general, and I cant wait to see what you do with the series next. Good luck!


2008-10-27 09:24:25

I want to ask you one question if its ok.

How about the ending of Last Stand 2? Did he got out of there?You said you were making another zombie themed game that isnt connected to the Last Stand series,but it wil still be in the Last Stand world,world thats still infested with zombie.However,im still curious,how about the ending of the Last Stand 2? At least,can you make a separate flash movie that depicts either he died there or he leaves there alive?

Thanks for reading,if can,will appreciate if you reply.


2008-10-27 01:32:37

I must be the one to voice the opion of my self WHY no last stand three i spend hours playing the game to find out that there is no three why screw with a formula that works?


2008-10-25 20:51:27

make a war fare 2008


2008-10-25 05:11:50

so what the news on lst stand 3


2008-10-23 18:09:34

Its great that your starting a new series, its good to expand your work, you learn new things and become a better flash designer. Warfare 1917 was a good game, the next sequel should be WW2 and then next should be ever WW2 again or something modern like the iraq war or something. As for Last Stand its good that your changing the gameplay, the whole defense thing was good but 3 games of that would be dull, so id like to see a new gameplay system, maybe control a team and move them about with arrow keys and escape areas/cities and shoot zombies and whatever along the way. Just an idea. Anyways good luck dude I hope your next flash is even better than Warfare 1917, keep flashing and have fun at the same time man. Good luck!


2008-10-23 17:11:04 can play germans in custom setting though

nice work... quit hogging all the sunshine auzzy :P


2008-10-22 18:10:24

your games are awesome :)
an i thought i might aswell say, all the games that youv submitted on newgrounds... all 3 of them have 4.35/5.00 all the same score lmao, thats kinda cool in my weird opinion (Y)


2008-10-21 23:34:57

sooo..... no last stand but mabye a zombie themed game?

Con-Artists responds:

It'll still be in the Last Stand "world" it just won't be Last Stand 3.


2008-10-21 09:40:08

Look forward to seeing your work, your games are the best on the portal.


2008-10-17 17:16:41

Love your stuff keep it UP!!!


2008-10-16 23:51:23

Is con-artists one guy or more?

Con-Artists responds:

I'm just one guy doing the art, animation, sound design, and programming. Other than that my best mate does the music, I've also had tiny bits of 3D etc done by friends as well.