Entry #1

Yes. I am working on something.

2007-08-07 07:37:56 by Con-Artists

And no, it's not the sequel to The Last Stand.

I've had a lot of people asking what I've been up to and figured this was the best way to respond. Thanks to everyone that PM'd me with support, really appreciate it.

What I am working on is something completely different, which I feel is justified given that I spent 8 months working with guns/zombies. Don't fret though, it's a genre that I plan on revisiting at some stage.

In the meantime, here's a few EARLY screens from my latest project.

Yes. I am working on something.


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2007-08-07 07:46:18

Sounds great,finally working on something then XD .Good luck with that ;).


2007-08-07 08:58:36

Looks really cool.
Reminds me of that video game Backyard Wrestling, which I loved.


2007-08-07 09:20:22

Looks awesome ;)


2007-08-07 09:38:11

Looks like another flash to steal the number one spot on Newgrounds again...


2007-08-07 09:59:57

awsome man to me it looks like fight club(btw its a good movie for all the panzies out there that havnt seen it yet.


2007-08-07 10:17:20

You know I'm a martial arts teacher.
I've been doing mixed martial arts stuff since I was like 9. My dad is a well known mma teacher, and most summers we go to thailand to learn different types of muay thai.

Anyways, what I'm getting at is if you need any help thinking up some moves or want to make sure something looks right, I can help you out. I can tell you right now the cross and round kick look off because they arent pivoting off their back foot and twisting their bodies into it.

(Updated ) Con-Artists responds:

Thanks for the offer. I did karate myself for years and am a huge MMA fan so I've got most of my moves sorted. Good pickup on the kick looking wrong though, it was a quick temporary animation that I threw in, thought I might be able to get away with it in a screenshot. Obviously not! :)


2007-08-07 10:41:27

Fight Club? lol

looks cool


2007-08-09 06:21:39

Yeah, this really reminds me of Fight Club. Looks good though, good work.
I'd love to see a sequel to the Last Stand whenever you get around to it aswell


2007-08-10 20:42:13

Looks awesome!


2007-08-11 15:11:23

Blood, Gore... and no Zombies or guns? Awww. Well u are right u spent 8months on guns and zombies and flash does get really boring. I tried it myself and it was hard work.
This looks pretty good. Looks like u spent loads of time on it, nice job btw.

Can u at least tell us when it might come out?

Again, great job and hope it scores some awards. :D


2007-08-12 16:44:38

looks pretty cool hope that the last stand kind of story comes in to the game.

your animation is great kinda like downtown cities design hope we get the release date soon and dont worry its gonna do fine its probably going to get into best of all time within days


2007-08-13 02:05:40

yeah straight to the top baby!
id like to be aware of a release date. 8)


2007-08-14 03:18:29

Looking good. I'd prefer a Last Stand sequel, honestly, but this is looking good. Plan on posting more details?


2007-08-14 11:18:19

Is there going to be a sequel to last stand?


2007-08-14 22:33:51

Fighting games! Can never have too many fighting games.


2007-08-15 03:25:27

I for one, can't wait...i cant quit playing the first one haha


2007-08-15 04:09:03

It does look amazing, again... Maybe a little more details on the legs, that'd be more realistic. I really liked The Last Stand, and hope you can make this as succesful as the last one.


2007-08-17 11:42:55

Looks Awesome, wish I had more to say, but thats all I could think of....


2007-08-17 12:59:34

look good keppup the good work
this pics.. are bloody boxing :)


2007-08-18 20:18:49

Keep up the good work dude, you are awesome!


2007-08-20 04:33:49

This looks awesome! but i got a question and a suggestion. the question is: do the bloodstains and scars stay on the face? and the suggestion is: if you want i could give you ideas for games when you are finished with this.


2007-08-20 09:24:26

This looks great! You're really good at making people look real, and making gory effects!
P.S: What will the last stand sequel be like? And when's it coming out?


2007-08-20 18:07:38

I can understand not wanting to just get type cast into the zombie games alone. New game looks like it will be a interesting fighter game, but I have to be honest... I really enjoyed Last Stand and was hoping that you could work on it too :) I hope your new game gets even better rateings than Last Stand, but... I will be waiting on LS2 more lol.


2007-08-22 02:56:44

I guess it looks good, but you didn't explane about this new game.


2007-08-22 14:56:18

Looks Great!


2007-08-22 23:51:58

Interesting, but I'm still waiting for Last Stand 2. :)


2007-08-23 14:12:09

I'd like to see a sequel to last stand more


2007-08-24 00:49:52

there probably wont be a last stand 2 can you honestly think about a sequal to a defense zombie horde game? it sounds cool but really there probably wont be one and all you need to know is that its a fighting game with good graphics and good storyline because its con-artists and seriously its going to be great if anything it will get in the best of all time just like the last stand and its still moving up the board at number 8 or something still you dont need to worry about what hes doing just think about that hes going to be coming out with great games in the future maybe even movies too


2007-08-24 00:51:52

oh and uhm if you need any help with ideas or music i can help


2007-08-24 21:51:10

Don't make it just another dumbed-down Street Fighter clone

I trust you to do well on this


2007-08-25 19:37:48

Looks awesome! I can't wait till it's out!!!


2007-08-27 17:19:59

Errr...Fight Club? Looks cool..nice and bloody from the screenies, can't wait.


2007-08-27 20:37:15

lookes great but I realy need to know what happens next the ending of last stand is so taunting it gives no hints and also you should make you own website


2007-08-27 22:51:43

dayyyyum.....looks like ur using the same animation as last stand. WHICH IS GOOD! looks sick. if u make the controls as good as the graphics look, then thats another top 1 game :D


2007-08-28 05:26:24

this looks good dude same animation as last stand i guess so thats good

good luck with it matey


2007-08-29 12:52:47

It looks good, NG doesn't have enough good fighting games. I do hope it has character designer though...


2007-08-29 16:54:47

Good job and next one seems as good...just wondering: why is only you on your favorites' list?


2007-08-29 18:50:00

looks good, give me sometime to wait out my 360 games.


2007-08-31 08:02:10

This new project looks great and if it's anything like your first one it'll be great! Keep up the good work!


2007-09-01 19:46:08

awsome! im not into fighting games much! but its all good! maybe a "zombie" fighting game? two zombies fighting? over food maybe? lol im just kidding this sounds like a fun game


2007-09-03 01:09:28

Looks great.


2007-09-03 13:49:04

This is just a Idea
Di you played def Jam fight for NY or Def jam Vendeta I was thinking that you can put a feature to make a character and play a RPG role or something and unlock moves in the gym by using development points and upgrading stats by using dev points too.


2007-09-05 21:05:01

lol, ur sign-up dat i when i started xbox live XD


2007-09-06 00:04:30

looks like something out of fight club :D
good stuff, i shall be waiting for this games arrival with a anticipation

PS, if you do make a fighter game, please add in the ability to create your own character like facial hair, clothing, physical features and stuff, and add a stat point raising system or something, kinda like a level up system


2007-09-10 22:38:36

I'm so excited for this! I loved the Last Stand, so this one should be good too. Good luck on finishing this game, it's looks like it's complicated, but you're pro, so I know you can handle it. Can't wait till it's finished!


2007-09-21 11:24:40

The images look great and I can't wait to play


2007-09-21 20:05:02

u are indeed a very great game maker.


2007-09-23 16:06:06

hmm... I was hoping on a sequel to last stand, but hey! Marial Arts is cool. Those were some incredible graphics. Although, I'd wish you'd give some consideration to making a RPG part to this game like getting experience points to spend on more power, more speed, and better moves or something like that... just a suggestion.


2007-09-25 00:20:27

my main suggestion is pretty much my favorite thing about last stand was the
.......................deformation if u know what i mean


2007-10-05 22:12:35

sweet.you should add a physics engin,so when they fall,they fall like ragdolls.just a sugestion....