Games 101

2008-09-09 03:18:30 by Con-Artists

I've been getting one or two PM's a day from people pretty consistantly for about a year now asking me:

"How do I make games?"

It was frustrating me that I didn't really have an answer to that other than, "learn stuff". So I've decided that because of how much love the community has given me with my first two Flash games, that I'd give a little bit of love back.

Over on the Armor Games Blog, I've started what will be a series of posts on game design and construction called Games 101. It'll eventually go over everything that I've learned over the years from planning games, to programming, design and illustration, animation, sound work, the lot.

This won't be a series for those who know how to make games, it's for people who are really looking at just getting into it.

The first installment covers where I got started: Modifying Games. So head over and have a look.

Games 101 - Armor Blog


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2008-09-09 21:48:23



2008-09-11 16:51:02

The Last Stand 3. When is coming out? :P


2008-09-11 21:48:24

What lucio said.


2008-09-16 13:24:47

Never really thought about the Last stand having the same basic concept as space invaders.


2008-09-17 22:29:01

sep 9th again eh?

anyway awesome, i know how that would feel...


2008-09-17 22:38:51

read (red) it: and that is very simple the way you explained it yet, i have questions.

how did u modify game with just a paper and pencil, at least the video games i can understand if u did multi-player and added rules (very easy)but that isn't much modifying, i was thinking more of editing i guess, like changing the game almost completely, re-programing the whole system, and ultimately modifying the game.

What will the next one be about? More advanced explaining, or a whole new idea about how to make games, if there will be a second.

Besides experience and time how did you overall get the idea and structure for the guide?

P.S. it might sound like i used a bunch of fancy words, but it really isn't


2008-09-18 00:07:33

Seems more like all of your PM's would be about TLS: 3.


2008-09-18 08:38:07

cant wait for left 4 dead huh? :3


2008-09-23 16:03:48

You made a new game on
You´re going to release it on Newgrounds?

Here it is :P : re-1917


2008-09-23 20:11:00

Why did you make Warfare 1917? That was absolutely a horrible game. I hope you don't plan on uploading it here. It needs a lot of work. I honestly thought it was a different person who uploaded it but just used your name.


2008-09-24 13:54:12

I liked it, it doesn´t seems bad for me... the only flaw is the tanks, they seem strange...


2008-09-29 02:45:45

Warfare 1917 is actually very good, hope you'll upload it here. I completed all the missions with the Germans.


2008-09-29 20:00:41


Can you get Warfare 1917 onto Newgrounds? That game was SICK.


2008-09-29 20:01:06

Ooh. Looks like I was beaten to it.


2008-10-03 16:03:37

You faved your own game. Sneaky.