Warfare 1917 & Last Stand 3

2008-10-03 20:05:24 by Con-Artists

Warfare 1917 is up on the portal now, head over and check it out. I've been bombarded with questions about it and certain other series' that I'm responsible since I re-emerged into the light to put this thing out there. So let's clear a few up:

Warfare - Will be a series of games. I've got ideas for at least two other time periods. What those are you'll have to see. Please don't send me ideas, I've got plenty of my own.

Last Stand - There will not be a Last Stand 3 in the forseeable future. I repeat, NOT. There will however be a sequel and it will be different. Better different, not bad different. I love the series too and get a lot out of creating them, so it will be back in a few projects time.

I'm working on this stuff full time now over at Armor Games, so you should see something new from me every few months as opposed to once every 8 months.

It's also the reason that the German Campaign is an exclusive to Armor Games as well. It's a bit of an extreme exclusive as it's a big chunk of the game, probably not something I'll do again to such an extreme.


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2008-10-03 20:12:52



2008-10-03 20:12:58

Good luck!

As soon as I get the chance I'll be sure to tryout the new game.

I love your Last Stand series and I'm sure this is no lower quality.


2008-10-03 20:28:07

Nice game, by the way, sorry about the pointless comment above D: , Yep, I hope to see more of the last stand, it was truly epic, good luck with it!

Con-Artists responds:

That's ok, went ahead and deleted it for you. Oh and thanks!


2008-10-03 20:47:16

"Last Stand - There will not be a Last Stand 3 in the forseeable future. I repeat, NOT."

I cried.


2008-10-03 21:34:57

To be honest, I think that you would be able to retire fairly soon if you could get a deal with Microsoft's Xbox live arcade and your games. Though it would be a lot of work in the beginning because the games would have to be longer, but I would definitely pay twenty dollars per game(or however much it would be).


2008-10-03 21:36:24

soo theres no last stand 3 buuuutt another sequal coming


could work, also you are twice as awesome now because your from Melbourne, and im from geelong :D


2008-10-03 22:05:37

I really liked warfare 1917-it was awesome! Oh for the next ones, we should be able to see the artillery and mortars. One thing that really bugged me about the game was the tank designs. There was no animation assossiated with them, except when firing, but no treads moving etc. The designs were weird aswell. Oh an please keep the trenches in the next game, they were uber cool.


2008-10-03 22:56:13

Cant wait on what the Last Stand sequel will be. Also I will be able to play Warfare 1917 later when I get the chance since I like your games. :)


2008-10-03 23:26:21

last stand is you all over, even your new game has a last stand


2008-10-03 23:58:27

ls3? wow!!!!


2008-10-04 02:06:11

Did you get the idea and name from that warlords game?

Con-Artists responds:

Warlords definitely inspired it, I'm a huge fan of that game and of Ben Olding's work. The name kind of came naturally from planning to make the game into a series, I needed a generic name that I could stick a tagline to.


2008-10-04 10:26:46

Yay for Last Stand 3 and Warfare 1917 which I don't no


2008-10-04 12:06:03

Boo on fencing us in on that German Campaign. The web is open and should be open.

Good luck on your stuff tho, your games are pretty good themselves.


2008-10-04 14:58:35

I think the Last Stand series was the bomb I hope you make more games like that.


2008-10-04 15:31:05

WOW your games are great!!! your obviosly going to do a WWII Warfare and mabey a ColdWar one?? cant wait to see


2008-10-04 15:56:23

*To the people that complains about "exclusive" things*

It's exclusive because he works at the site and he "and the others at Armorgames" will profit from doing that, It's perfectly normal. It's a great site to so I have no problems with it.

Also your games are very good, I think ill like the new warfere series more than TLS. Just remember to have the cover system "eg sanbags" for other games to.


2008-10-04 15:59:13

*sorry for the Doubleposting*

I just want to add that atleast we dont have to pay to play it all, *glares at miniclip*


2008-10-04 18:24:29

you guys are one of my favourite creators, keep it up ;) Your doing a good job!


2008-10-04 19:10:01

Awesome, can't wait for the next warfare. Please, fix the artillery accuracy. I've no problem with it being inaccurate, but in Warfare 1917, you had to aim the crosshair to either side of your real target for it to have ANY chance of hitting. It should hit the bullseye at least once or twice.


2008-10-04 20:32:06

so about last stand 3.sounds like your using the final fantasy story stratagy.using the same game and almost everything about it the same but with a differant main charecter or charecters.tell me if im not too far from the story so far


2008-10-04 22:20:09

I thought the game "Warfare 1917" was good, I don't really care if you do or not make another sequal to The Last Stand 2 because the ending on the second one was good enough for me, by the way.. is that fighting game in your "forseeable future"? because if you can make a fighting game just as good as you can make a shooting game I am extremly anxious about it :]

P.S I Love The Con-Artists Logo! ;D

Con-Artists responds:

The fighting game was lost in a HDD crash a while ago. It's something I've thought about revisiting, but not sure that it'd be any good. I've mentioned it before, keyboards are horrible controllers when it comes to making fighting games.


2008-10-04 22:24:57

your games are awsome


2008-10-04 23:39:28

I cannot wait for the other 2 Warfares, and Sequel Last Stand? Anyways I'll be waiting in the future for Last Stand 3, lets hope it comes out before 2011.


2008-10-04 23:42:52

And I'll be waiting every 8 months for your games, and remember I'll check for updates on Sequel Last Stand and Last Stand 3! As I read your post over and over, it gives me more hope for a third one, I'll let you take your time on this because, its a Trilogy. (Right?) And You have to make the 3rd the best.


2008-10-05 05:00:21

I know you said no suggestions but personally I think you should avoid WW2 alltogether. We have been fighting it for about 15 years now...Getting old


2008-10-05 07:45:21

i love your games cant w8 for the sequal of the last stand could you tell me what the sequil is called or you still thinking about it?

annyways im german so i cod help you with this german campaign stuff...


2008-10-05 10:07:54

Wow, the warfare game is so friggin good , I loved the 1 thing that the game has and other lack - realism.


2008-10-05 12:02:49

alright shorty


2008-10-05 18:20:33

I can't wait your games are the best!!!


2008-10-05 20:57:36

Terrific game, you guys. A very addicting WWI game is finally here!


2008-10-05 21:23:24

Um sorry about all the ideas I left last night because I also live in Australia :D I never knew you already had ideas!

Con-Artists responds:

Meh no worries. It's just that I get so many PM's and emails from people with ideas that:

a) there's too many to read
b) if I did read them, I'd feel like I was stealing them
c) I feel like people posting them are wasting their time because of a and b


2008-10-06 00:31:59

hmm, im going to take a guess and say that the new last stand will follow a different survivor in different area....whatever, as long as you keep coming out with more games im happy, so far all 3 games youve made have been some of the best flash games ive ever played


2008-10-06 02:22:00

Warfare 1917 is a damned good game. I cannot get past L4 in the British campaign, and L6 in the German one on Armor games (strange, given that the German one is the harder....it must just fit my tactics......).

I do NOT like some things about it (the reduced reload time for the AIs fire support is one......it is not fun to be shelled before you can even set up a mortar......especially when the enemy can use ARTILLERY on you......and I do not like some parts of the AI.....). But its a great game.

I have never got the hang of Last Stand 2.......last time I tried my rubbish computer got serious mouse lag........which sorta ruins it, but thats my stupid, ancient, clunky and somewhat homicidal Emac.

Keep up with the Warfare stuff. Last Stand......I would LOVE to see another one, even if my computer won't let me play it.

Nice jobs ;)


2008-10-07 11:45:35

If Last Stand 3 is different, the guy we play must be different too...


2008-10-07 18:02:30

I'm pretty sure he is talking about a different Last Stand, because I'm pretty sure he is gonna keep the same controls for Last Stand 3, only he will improve it.

Anyways I will be expecting a game every 8 months and maybe Last Stand 3 in 2009?


2008-10-08 14:47:10

Will the other Warfare games take place in other periods? And when can we expect the next one?


2008-10-08 15:25:45

Well, your the man! Did really enjoy all of your games!


2008-10-08 18:46:45

You said Last Stand 3, not Last Stand 2, it's not a big mistake but you got my hopes up... :) I love the Last Stand series and Warfare 1917 has taken a lot of my time.


2008-10-08 18:49:55

I forgot to add one thing, sorry for the extra comment, too many games have been based on WW2 and I think that modern war games are much better, but they must be harder to create so please next time you could create either a modernistic or futuristic war game.


2008-10-08 19:59:59

Warfare-1917 was F*CKIN AWSOME.I hope the next one will be a CIVIL WAR one.I would play as the south of coures because im a southern pice of raceist white trailer trash.


2008-10-10 02:02:29

On the warfare game, i luv it. Will there be a 1942 and present warfare game?


2008-10-10 13:44:22

u need Warfare:1942


2008-10-10 17:31:32

you should really add all the nations that fought in the wars and although you said dont tell any ideas i think you should take your time and make a really good one insted of making one that isnt as good as it could be in 3 or 4 mounths. also make as many featurs as you can. WARFARE: 1917 gets boring after an hour because by then you have already betten both campaign and have played almost every situation in custom games. Also you should be able to place the trenches where you want to in custom games and you should also have more control over your men becouse you cant make them stop or anything in the middle of the battle field. i know you said now ideas but i loved WARFARE: 1917... for the first hour that is.


2008-10-10 21:56:46

dude, is your name drake if not I've been listening to a lyer


2008-10-11 13:16:40

Aww man!! I was looking so forward about Last Stand 3 =[


2008-10-12 13:02:02

Hot Damn! Love your work. Question though, is the Last Stand series ever going to have a different character?


2008-10-12 17:02:28

Dude you are a god among flash designers! Just keep making those games and I'll be happy :)


2008-10-13 13:50:07

when will the last stand 3 coming out and i love last stand series


2008-10-13 14:00:45

I'm glad your making more games, I'm trying to learn action script its alot harder for me to learn then LUA was.

I can't seem to do anything at all in actionscript right now. The output seems to be really vague in telling you what went wrong in Flash .v8

One day I hope to make flash as good as you do. Your one of the best. But my real dream is to make BIG games like HALO or SONIC, those games are legends and I want to work on games like that.

but first things first, time for actionscripting. I hope you finish your games on time or maybe ahead of time so you can get some rest.

Your Fan "Lordtac"


2008-10-14 05:45:20

I just tried out Warfare 1917, it's a little buggy involving the trenches, but that doesn't matter at all, I still give it a five because it's non-effecting on the gameplay, on the Last Stand 3 bit, I'm really looking forward to it.
The first tie I played Last Stand 2 I beat it, it took me about 3 times to beat Last Stand 1.
I haven't been able to beat either of them since, so I'm looking forward to another zombie survival game. It's nice to know you're being original and using your own ideas, since mostly everyone has the same idea for every game that has the same based area.
Yours being a lone man, desperate to get to "the safe zone" with the help of survivors, scarce supplies, and a few guns, this makes people just blurt out ideas and it can get frustrating. Kudos to your success, and good luck with the flash games to come.