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New game, website and forums.

Posted by Con-Artists - April 5th, 2009

Long time no news. I've neglected you poor Newgroundians for quite a while. Lots happening...

I've got 2 games on the go at the moment. A sequel to Warfare 1917 and a new project that's a bit different than my usual fare. On top of that I'm working on a project with Joey Betz from armor.

For full info head over to my site: Con Artist Games



disregard what that guy said.

I doubt he's really barack obama.

Anyway, thanks for the update man, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

Ooooo! I'm all a flutter! Can't wait man.

YOUR games, are the only ones i call "games",
there's not much originality here on NG,
but im glad you're still around.

Good to know you still love us :P

While its understandable that your too busy to provide any real deadlines, could you at least provide us with a "rough" estimate of when you will be releasing another game here on Newgrounds?

(ie: should we keep our eyes peeled this summer) :)

ConArtists games, the ones with the bad ass logo and very reputable games.
Ah good to see an update thanks.

Nice, can't wait for these new games! :D

obama approves

disregard that , i suck cocks HAHHA

Your games are solid.

css on your site is lovely.

You should come out to the ng melbourne gathering next weekend!

read your Streetfighter blog, you should add "newgrounds" to your account so we can skool you alil SF :3

dito \/

I really like all your quality games and fully support you in your next games!

can not wait till the sequel for warfare 1917 first 1 was awsome so im sure this 1 will be even better

dude. i really wanna hear bout last stand 3. Any news?

ok your like one of the best gamers on ng just dont stop and wow you just keep coming you are amazing

Actually its "newgrounders" and why is everyone who is good with flash in australia? Chulaid,Con, Rubber Ninja etc.

Your dp makes this look badass. lol :]

No Last Stand 3?

Just kidding, your games are always awesome. Whatever you'll do, I'll be happy.

Is it going to be warfare 20XX or something? I wonder what the secret is! (Last Stand 3 : 3 )

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