Entry #10

New game, website and forums.

2009-04-05 23:30:44 by Con-Artists

Long time no news. I've neglected you poor Newgroundians for quite a while. Lots happening...

I've got 2 games on the go at the moment. A sequel to Warfare 1917 and a new project that's a bit different than my usual fare. On top of that I'm working on a project with Joey Betz from armor.

For full info head over to my site: Con Artist Games


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2009-04-05 23:51:58

disregard what that guy said.

I doubt he's really barack obama.

Anyway, thanks for the update man, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.


2009-04-05 23:52:17

Ooooo! I'm all a flutter! Can't wait man.


2009-04-06 00:48:27

YOUR games, are the only ones i call "games",
there's not much originality here on NG,
but im glad you're still around.


2009-04-06 00:57:22

Good to know you still love us :P

While its understandable that your too busy to provide any real deadlines, could you at least provide us with a "rough" estimate of when you will be releasing another game here on Newgrounds?

(ie: should we keep our eyes peeled this summer) :)


2009-04-06 01:29:05

ConArtists games, the ones with the bad ass logo and very reputable games.
Ah good to see an update thanks.


2009-04-06 02:10:27

Nice, can't wait for these new games! :D


2009-04-06 02:16:05

obama approves


2009-04-06 07:54:21

disregard that , i suck cocks HAHHA


2009-04-06 10:09:06

Your games are solid.


2009-04-06 10:35:42

css on your site is lovely.

You should come out to the ng melbourne gathering next weekend!


2009-04-06 11:25:57

read your Streetfighter blog, you should add "newgrounds" to your account so we can skool you alil SF :3


2009-04-06 15:35:51

dito \/


2009-04-10 17:38:55

Do you have any screenshots of the sequel to Warfare 1917 yet?

I can't wait for the new game to come out im going insane waiting for it! you have to post something! come on!


2009-04-11 13:37:13

you know how people are saying for the last stand 3 he is gonna be on a boat
well he could be on a plane . qoute "there sealing off the mainland-
The last few boats and AIRCRAFT are leaving." un qoute well
it could be he ends up on a boat but he could be on a plane


2009-04-19 15:01:35

I really like all your quality games and fully support you in your next games!


2009-04-21 19:35:13

can not wait till the sequel for warfare 1917 first 1 was awsome so im sure this 1 will be even better


2009-04-22 11:59:56

dude. i really wanna hear bout last stand 3. Any news?


2009-05-07 19:20:08

ok your like one of the best gamers on ng just dont stop and wow you just keep coming you are amazing


2009-05-07 21:46:55

Actually its "newgrounders" and why is everyone who is good with flash in australia? Chulaid,Con, Rubber Ninja etc.


2009-05-09 00:34:50

Your dp makes this look badass. lol :]


2009-05-09 02:12:31

Can you just give me a HINT of what time period the new Warfare game is going to be in??


2009-05-09 11:52:10

No Last Stand 3?

Just kidding, your games are always awesome. Whatever you'll do, I'll be happy.


2009-05-09 14:12:55

Is it going to be warfare 20XX or something? I wonder what the secret is! (Last Stand 3 : 3 )


2009-05-10 20:57:39

ur my facorite internet game maker. one thing maybe u should do with the new game is make it lage age of war with like, a different time era, and instead of the tribuchet thingy, u could hav like different types of cannons, and catapults from different eras


2009-05-11 18:49:11

Wickedness. I'ma brimming wit de expectations, ma bredren.
Dontcha be lettin Babylon get to ya

One love


2009-05-12 20:40:41

Something that I'd like to put out regarding your "Crush the Castle" game, a lot of people are having problems with loading the castles that people post in their reviews. I have a solution, although I already posted a review before figuring this out so I'm posting it here for people to see.

First, you can copy the code from the review into notepad, or something similar. The problem that occurs is that empty spaces are put in the code when copied into the review box. Using notepad, these spaces can be easily seen (about every 40 characters). Next, the spaces need to be taken out so the code appears as a single stream of characters. After this is finished, most castle codes will take up 2-3 lines in notepad, and at that point the code can be copy/pasted into the loading box in the game. If it still doesn't work, that usually means there are still more spaces. This has worked for me flawlessly, and it is nice to see other's work.

I hope this helps anyone reading this. I believe you should update the descripting of Crush the Castle with this information, I think it will be very helpful for those playing.


2009-05-12 21:24:13

You're games are awesome.


2009-05-18 23:21:03

oh dam you smoke, i shouldnt mess with such a badass


2009-05-20 13:57:38

Warfare 1917 was one of the best online games have played in a while

Whats the sequell to be called?

Warfare 1918? 1944?

Well i look forward to it, not enough WWI stuff is there?


2009-05-24 00:40:07

Your games freaking rock Con, I hope you have a nice on in store for us next time out. You havent let me down yet, KEEP IT UP!

The last stand 3 and Warfare you say! cant wait!


2009-05-27 17:22:04

how about LAST FUCKING STAND 3!!!!! or SIN MARK 2?!!!!!!!! make those NOW!!!!!!


2009-05-28 13:09:38

you make just awesome games man


2009-05-29 13:33:39

Hey man I love the Last Stand games you made, I hadn't played for a while and today I got a kick out of them again. Looking forward for a number 3 someday if you ever get around to work on one that is, you probably have alot to do right now. Anyway, keep up the great work.


2009-05-29 22:05:40

warfare:1944 looks awesome i loved the first.
but i want to know what that other project is.


2009-05-30 00:27:36

Are u guys going to make a new LAST STAND?


2009-06-04 22:39:18

You're awesome, and I love every singe one of your games!


2009-06-05 18:00:22



2009-06-14 18:09:04

-------------------ATTENTION ALL NEWGROUNDERS---------------------

Warfare 1944 will be released on June 21st!!!


2009-06-14 23:33:28

i cant wait for the next warfare 1917!!!! it needs more maps,umits and maybe buildings!


2009-06-16 04:29:23

have you played Dawn Zombie ? It's a game where you control zombies as a overlord and try to spend the zombie plague as fast and great as possible. The next game that will be called last stand (3) will be awesome , the player is gonna be (maybe) the humans survivor chief. I may suggest you a versus mode of a zombie overlord and a human survivor chief. My favorite game you have done so far is Warfare 1917 !


2009-06-25 14:47:03

any plans for the last stand 3 plzz respond if so tell me i have alot of ideas


2009-06-29 16:11:22

im luvin sift heads 5 plz keep making them


2009-07-01 23:51:38

http://armorgames.com/play/4071/warfa re-1944


2009-07-03 15:01:05

Finally, a sequel to Warfare: 1917!!! Yes, can't wait man!


2009-07-10 15:02:57

Dear Con-Artists,

You may not know me but I am Notso20 (Xmang). 13 hours ago I sent you a huge comment on The Last Stand II along with an inspirational idea for a sequel of the game, The Last Stand II. If you did not get to read it, then I pasted it in this message for you. Here is the message:

Yo, I gotta say, you are an extremely talented person, and you deserve a trophy of pure Silver! Also, check this out, I know a way to make all of the Last Stand fans love you. This is an idea for a little something I would love to call, "The Last Stand III: ONLINE", one of the greatest games by Con-Artists! Just read the article about my hypothesis of the sequel and tell me what you think(Please don't be mad at me for this, I just want to be an inspiration!!!).

From the creators of Last Stand I and Last Stand II...
...Con-Artists presents you...
The Last Stand III: ONLINE

After returning to Union City, he and the survivors packed up, and left Union City by boat with the military. He thought to himself, "After being the ONLY survivor of a copter crash, traveling around zombie infested places and surviving, what more could go wrong?" Well, something did go wrong, totally wrong. Zombies rose to the surface of the water and threw weapons at the boat. The military tried to shoot them down but a Giant Serpent rose from the water and tore the boat apart, and also knocked the survivors off into the water. They were able to survive after the zombies disappeared by climbing back on into what was left of the boat. 2 hours later, they appeared at an island with a military base. They went aboard, explained their problem, and figured out that the zombies were caused by a Russian scientist that invented the virus by the name of Dr. Solanus Vigarius. He created it then spread the virus through our soil by plane. The military base decided to destroy the virus and its creator once and for all. So they got planes, supplies, and weapons ready

- Character Creator: Customize your person for battle against the dead!
-Bosses: Great bosses like the Giant Serpent, Spider Hordes, a Dual-Wielding Chainsaw Maniac, and more!
-New Zombies: more and more zombies are coming! Rockers, scientists, Goth zombies, and way more!
-New weapons: Throwing axes, katana, chained mace, Gatling gun, fireworks, and more!
-Survivor Features: You now can have a group of up to ten! And they can no longer die by battle.
-New traps: Two brand new traps available! The Trip Wire trap snatches the zombie by its feet and is pulled in half, and the C4 replaces the land mine because it deals heavier damage.
-New places: Travel around the world from USA to Russia and other places!
-Greatest Feature: Interact with other players and fight the zombies together by collecting and combining parts to build a base together with barrels, boxes, sandbags, chairs, and much much more!

I am trying to tell you that this could be a piece of inspiration to you, Chris. This may be the last idea for a game that is like this! I'm just saying that if you create TLS3 :ONLINE, you will not only please all of the fans of The Last Stand II, but you will also please me as well. So I'm just asking, please make this game: not only for me but for everyone on NG. Please...

Sincerely, Notso20 (Write back!)
P.S. I saw a video on Youtube about Zombie Attacks, and I learned that dogs can't become zombies. That confuses me a little.


2009-07-20 00:38:55

is the sequel to warfare 1917 still gonna be in world war 1 or is it going to go to the second world war?


2009-07-23 05:07:43

heyy i saw warefare 1944 on armor games put it on newgrounds


2009-07-24 01:07:34

This is a long time no news!


2009-07-31 11:32:01

Everybody, join the Conartist forums! There, you can give him suggestions, and learn about what projects he's making.


2009-08-01 10:54:39

*Generic comment anticipating LS3*