Entry #10

New game, website and forums.

2009-04-05 23:30:44 by Con-Artists

Long time no news. I've neglected you poor Newgroundians for quite a while. Lots happening...

I've got 2 games on the go at the moment. A sequel to Warfare 1917 and a new project that's a bit different than my usual fare. On top of that I'm working on a project with Joey Betz from armor.

For full info head over to my site: Con Artist Games


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2009-08-05 01:16:32

Im really Excited about the knew games. All your Games are off the charts. You are just so awsome.


2009-08-06 20:06:56

The Sequal too 1917 (1944) Is Great!
I Just spent a while Completing the American Campaign I found it amazing! (Off too do Nazi's in a minute...) , Not do Nazi's , complete the campaign. Ah , I love your Games! , Epecially the "WAREFARE" Genre. Will there be a Third eddition?
Like WAREFARE 3000 Or something like that maybe a WARFARE 2000 , eg. The war in Iraq. Im sorry about nattering on like that.
I love your work! Keep up the Great Work!


2009-08-07 17:18:07

Wow, what happened? I just played the new warfare game and it sucked. You better not turn into one of those losers who just turns out crappy sequels gets all the fan boys to praise you while the games actually suck. Put more effort into the next warfare game.


2009-08-08 11:41:53

On Warfare 1944, after purchasing the half-price riflemen upgrade, the riflemen cost 100 resources, but you still need to have 200 to purchase them. Probably because its just taking away 200 and adding 100 back. Please change this.


2009-08-19 18:19:51

you are one of the bestinternet game designers ever i hope u do make a last stand 3


2009-09-26 23:39:29

Wow whats next? Warfare 1967? like in vietnam?


2009-09-29 19:51:46

no matter what you all says or do, you ar all awesome.
Thanks for the more than awesome job.


2009-10-21 15:30:44

keep it up.


2009-10-24 10:49:08

Ever since you came here all the newgrounders have admired you and loved all your games your first game you made hit the frontpage.

You should star in a collab


2009-10-24 19:13:35

why is it that all the good flash artists live in Australia?


2009-10-24 23:15:18

Just played JuggerDome.

Rocks, and i cant beleve i was one of the first to play and first to update it on here

But it is a little bit too easy

Increase the diffuclties plz


2009-11-14 02:36:21



2010-02-22 21:58:44

I sure hope you make new games. Last Stand 1 and 2 were BADASS


2010-03-28 12:14:09

con artist please make a last stand 3 i'd love it!!!


2010-05-10 18:26:57

Dear Con-Artists.com; The last stand series is really a good one can you please on behalf of all your fans make one? It is the best zombie survival game on the net, possibly think about making it a mmo horror survival game it would be really enjoyable seeing myself play with many people trying to survive wave after wave of undead flesh eating cannibles.

so.. Please make a last stand 3, I know that you guys already are planning not to (So I found out or heard) but reconsider if true because everyone loves that game series so please? Just saying.. Its a excellent series from the baddest Artist in the world.

PS. dude the Warfare series is fucking sick keep up the work bro, cant wait to see what you make next.


2010-06-02 21:47:49

DUDE you are so awesome at creating games, by the way try making another sequal to LAST STAND 2. please. :)


2010-07-14 09:17:22

Go to his site. Last stand 3 is in production, hes releasing loads of alpha's, which are basically little tit-bits of the game. He is about half way through it.


2010-09-02 15:27:04

i have been playing all the union city alphas on your site, and i honestly think it may be the greatest flash game of all time.


2010-09-04 05:26:55

why is your avatar from the early 1900s lol


2010-10-04 18:20:19

Will you be making a Last Stand 3 at all? My friend and I were talking about your awesome games today and the question arose about a possible trilogy in your epic zombie game. I also hope that you are considering a Vietnam, Korean, or Iraqi War update on the Warfare series. Can't wait to play any game you make anytime soon.


2010-10-30 16:52:20

I just wanna say that I love your new Union game... but it's laggy as fuck.


2010-11-02 22:57:16

I'm just gonna ad to the pile and hope it will make a diffrence.
But last stand 3?^^ please?


2010-11-20 11:36:26

u should definetly make a warfare 1968 game vietnam thatd be fun as hell!!


2010-11-28 00:59:22

Great to hear!!!
I don't nearly visit NG that much anymore, actually only to check if you got anything new^^.


2010-12-24 04:22:22


Can't wait any longer for your new game since the last stand 2.

Your game is awesome as always =D


2011-01-23 13:27:54

It is "Newgrounders".


2011-01-27 15:08:37

The Last Stand: Union City seems cool, too bad I didn't know about it before and get a chance for beta.


2011-02-16 20:47:18

In regards to your game 'Last Stand 2', I would like to take the oppurtunity to let you know that after playing it numerous times... for some reason my weapon stops firing and the survivors are left defending all by themselves. This in turn leaves me defenseless when the zombies have overrun the barricade. I love the game, but when that keeps happening, it makes me wonder what is going on. I would love to see a new installment with something similar to what you have going on with this one. I like the second one better because it's more generalized and not so detailed with the searches. You have a good game here and I have spent countless hours playing it. It would be a shame to have to encounter this problem every time I play. Thanks.


2011-03-05 09:44:35

Are you making new "Warfare" or "Last Stand" game soon?I like both series.


2011-03-07 19:14:27

are you gonna make last stand 3


2011-04-10 03:27:01

Last Stand 3 Plawxsh?


2011-05-05 11:15:03

So...your not making "Warfare:Vietnam"? D:
Well,at least your making Last Stand 3,but I was wishing a Vietnam or Korea war game from you.But Its ok.Could you at least make Warfare that is World War Japan vs USA?


2011-07-21 12:05:13

Just saw your new Last Stand game came out on Armorgames today. Will you be submitting it to newgrounds also?


2011-07-23 06:19:16

I saw your new Last Stand game, i cant believe it that if you want to buy the survival premium package you must use REAL money.


2011-07-29 13:57:32

can you add the last stand union city


2011-08-04 19:50:36

Bring a version of union city over here >_< and do me a solid and make even a demo that's playable offline (cause honestly, i have plenty of computer time, but only have the net when i'm in town at a hot spot). much love for the last stand series

and if i'm not mistaken you had a hand in juggerdome too yea.


2011-08-12 09:50:25

Bring the new Last stand game to NG RIGHT NOW!!!111!one!1!


2011-08-15 16:39:40

hmm i don,t think he read those comments on here but oh well i give it a shot were is union city for newgrounds and some medals to go with it at


2011-08-25 11:37:16

please make the last stand 3 with multiplayer


2011-08-30 09:58:45

Nice new Last stand game l played it to the end Union city was cool and you make a option to donate cool


2011-09-12 01:57:38

hmm i don,t think he read those comments on here


2011-10-06 19:47:18

Yeah, long time, AGAIN.

Also Con-ArtistS?


2011-11-17 22:39:37

hey you make cool games i have to ask this but will you give me a tip on the game i give thee tips but i can't seem to figure out the no defense completely valnarable against a attack thing the chainsaw helps but i think i can do a bit better then big chainsaw


2011-11-26 21:26:21

You should defintly do something else like TLS: Union City. Or continue the story of that survivor like the fact that Bethany has been bitten, work upon that and that there are more zombies in the world and they also cannot drown. Maybe one where you find another boat, Bethany turns, And you travel the sea and go on ghost ships for supplies but of course anything could be lurking in their dark corners...
but thats just my idea. Use it if you want.


2012-03-30 10:53:37

Wooow 2012 comment


2012-12-31 09:53:18

make your profile pic the con artist. :3


2013-03-24 01:25:02

4 years later... lol


2013-10-11 13:03:15



2013-10-24 04:56:52

Yeah! a The last stand 4! 4 years after the Zombie outbreak! New Enemies! (like skeletons or Juggernaut) New Weapons! (like a improvised rifle or bazzoka) New ways to fortify your base! (like a concrete wall but that should be expensive off course) and new ways of playing! (like multi-player)



2014-08-05 20:15:04

I personally think that last stand 5 should be a parody of dead snow and we should kill and run from Nazi zombies. that would be awesome.