Entry #10

New game, website and forums.

2009-04-05 23:30:44 by Con-Artists

Long time no news. I've neglected you poor Newgroundians for quite a while. Lots happening...

I've got 2 games on the go at the moment. A sequel to Warfare 1917 and a new project that's a bit different than my usual fare. On top of that I'm working on a project with Joey Betz from armor.

For full info head over to my site: Con Artist Games


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2014-12-01 01:03:56

are you dead


2017-01-16 09:23:00

It's 2017. The nostalgia. Literally haven't visited NG for years and LS is definitely one of the games that made an everlasting impression. Ooo look at that... it's been 3 years since anyone last commented.