Just to be clear...

2008-01-11 20:28:36 by Con-Artists

I'm not working on the fighting game any more.

I've recieved some PM's of late that are bordering on hate mail because I wasn't working on a sequel to The Last Stand, which I find good and scary. Mostly scary though that people are that passionate about Flash games. To those who've sent me such mail, I applaud your commitment, but yeah, get out more. Really.

I am working on something though, and you will hear about it soon, promise.


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2008-01-11 21:17:38

Crap... I was waiting for the sequel to TLS. Anyways, good luck on your next game.


2008-01-11 23:04:26

is there other weapons after the barret at The Last Stand? hope you reply thru mail


2008-01-12 02:07:40

Looks like you are cursed by the success of TLS.

I applaud any new direction that you want to go in and am sure that the final product will be excellent.

Keep up the good work!


2008-01-12 19:25:49

Thanks for listening to public demand.

Hope things like my full 2 page review made you see that you just have to make a sequal !

May i request a minigun ?

Con-Artists responds:

It wasn't public demand so much that made me drop it, have a read of my last post that explains it sort of. Was more to do with realising it's flaws (the control scheme was just too complex for a keyboard) and moving on.


2008-01-15 21:41:49

why complain?


2008-01-16 21:51:07

ty :)


2008-01-17 03:42:28

oh man. the game was awesome, but I hope whatever your working on will be a hit.


2008-01-17 16:58:30

to be honest... that fighting game looked like it lacked your standards. I was hoping to see it but it's ok. although I don't know how hard flash is... PM me if you want suggestions for a game and I will go check what type of games score high. It would
be enjoyable to help a great artist but you don't really need my help




2008-01-17 23:21:12

Great things must end somewhere... all well GL dude!


2008-01-19 12:48:35

can't wait for a sequel to TLS, if you decide to make one, but TLS shows that you have some awesome talent, and i'm quite sure that whatever you come up with will be really awesome, maybe even the top flash of all time for a while like last stand was, you rock


2008-01-19 13:03:04

I was kind of hopin on the new game. Did you delete the files? Oh god I hope you diddn't delete it. Anyway TLS sequel sounds like fun, wait you are workin on it?


2008-01-20 00:56:57

The last stand? Yea I just beat it. I really like the game but The ending was A bit of A cliff hanger. Id love to see The last stand 2 come out but its your life so its up to you if you wanna make it.


2008-01-20 13:38:09

i remember you telling me what it was... and if i remember right it was a movie? heh doubt it but seriously if you told me right it WILL be awesome


2008-01-20 19:06:50



2008-01-21 01:35:06

if you make a second one, you will rock, it will rock, you will be awesome


2008-01-23 10:21:29

you have no time preciure
ill be patient to wait for a sequel to "the last stand"


2008-01-23 17:03:15

Well, I am not happy that people threated the man with the 8th best flash submission because he wanted to make another style of game. Ehhhh, communists...

Anyway, hope that you are able to make the next flash game a smashing success.


2008-01-23 17:04:27

Also, take your time, I've been waiting for Thing-Thing 4 for a long time, so, I'll just have to play Vegas untill it's ready, lol. (Damn you Diseased Productions!)


2008-01-26 20:32:19

not to be rude.... or like everyone else.... but, you are being kinda slow but i guess its cause you just quit on the fighting game so idk.... maybe you'll come out with a... nother game... (extremely likely) well maybe... i could help ya do the storyline (bored of ng kinda so i want to do something) cause i don't have enough time to make flash on my own but i could help yea with random stuff


2008-01-28 23:27:37

TLS is a good game, also i do exercise, but you should really make a sequel, like maybe the survivors were taken to a city, buy Larger and stronger hordes attack it, so you can costumize your dfecnes to fight back, just a suggestion though, good job.


2008-01-30 20:17:25

that is just amazing, people love the last stand so much that they would hate their object of worship for not doing what they want, if you ask me, you should be the one hating them for not doing what YOU want(not sending you hate mail for something stupid). WORK on that fighting game, do what you want. you aren't their servant. just work on what you want dude.


2008-02-02 15:03:51

um if u read this
i LOVE ur last stand game
i had some ideas about u makin a sequel but im pretty sure ur almost done
just wanted to say that if u plan on naming characters
could u PLEASE name a character Eddie.
that would be soooo intense
but u dont have to
just wanted to say u r the best
peaze out


2008-02-05 16:05:18

Edx77, he is not almost done. He probably just started.


2008-02-05 20:09:55

holy moly im with you.
you're right you guys have to go out more i mean im in the computer now but seriously. but now for the bad part,now......i like "TLS"as much as the last guy but i think you should show us what your working on,if you are,just PM me.plz try to read this :)


2008-02-07 19:44:39

Jesus just make a new game please haha


2008-02-07 21:02:07

WOOHOO NO MORE FIGHTING GAME! WOOT! i really like the last stand if you happen to make another may i request a flamethrower,chaingun,bombs,more survivor slots,more awesome zombie killing weapons,40 days and 40 nights, and bosses you dont have to add them all all i want are 40 days and 40 nights and a flamethrower to burn the hell out of those zombies muahahahahaha >=)


2008-02-08 14:57:06

I faithfully wait for the next game, Last Stand 2 or not. You're actually the first artist to make a Flash game I could play for hours.

Keep up the good work!


2008-02-09 16:25:30

Good luck Fellow Australian !

TLS and Portal where the best games i have ever played on NG.

Your next game well be just as great, good luck !


2008-02-09 16:46:03

TLS was a fun game to play, good luck on whatever game you're making next.


2008-02-09 17:39:01

:( That's too bad that we won't see a sequel to this. For a game that came out at the peak of the "defense game" days... it made a HUGE impact. But either way... I am very glad to hear you're still working on SOMETHING. I can't wait to see!


2008-02-10 16:13:39

It'd be awesome if you made the sequel somewhat like Zombie Hord3, but whatever, do it your own way with your own style.

It works......brilliantly.


2008-02-12 14:34:04

Just played TLS for the first time today, pretty damn good for your first flash game here, though I'm willing to bet that this isn't your first time making games because quite frankly usually people's "first game" on NG are total crap... anyway I really hope you decide to make a TLS 2 game someday. The way you ended this game seemed to heavily hint at a sequel lol


2008-02-14 08:00:58

As long as it's not The Last Stand 2, I don't give a shit.


2008-02-15 11:07:29

If I was one of the people sending you hate mail (witch I am not) and I read this, I would probably think you were a jackass. Liking a game a lot does not mean someone doesnt get out enough. But hey, what can I say about it? I havnt read the PM's you've been getting. Maybe your right.


2008-02-16 06:16:10

Hey its ok to not be working on the sequel to The Last Stand, but hell if i was you id improve on the first one, make it longer, and more guns, then maybe you could make people pay to get the full game haha...


2008-02-16 21:19:29

ok its ok


2008-02-17 10:29:48

the last stand is my favorite game on ng, some stuff i want in the seccond is for it to be longer, with more weopons and the abillity to customize character

just suggestions, thanks


2008-02-17 11:39:43

Whatever you'll do I'm sure it will be perfect. You're one of the best flash artists out there so you could do something completely insane but still good ...


2008-02-18 18:08:00

Who are you guys anyway? Are Con Artists a real company?


2008-02-22 17:36:19

Hey dude i loved your game "THE LAST STAND" it was f'in awesome! You should definantly make more like it. You are definantly GREAT at the Zombie genre and i cant wait for more of your games and flashes. Keep up the great work!!!


2008-02-23 22:38:03

make more like it plz!


2008-02-25 10:31:43

i cant believe people would send you hatemail to you only because you weren't making the sequal to the last stand!!!!!!!those meanys.


2008-02-26 16:42:17

The Last stand was on Attack of the Show. You knew that right?


2008-02-26 19:26:12

I still love you.


2008-02-27 20:50:47

hate mail? dude nobody should be that obsessed(then again this is the last stand we talking about) meh, do what you want


2008-02-27 20:53:27

hmmmm well i am srry but glad your not making a fighting game but are you making a game like last stand


2008-02-27 21:00:35

You just do what you gotta do man. Don't worry about those or any other flash obsessed bastards. All I can say is keep up the kick ass work and if it's not fun to do, don't do it.


2008-02-28 00:01:15

Yo The Last Stand was a great game. I hope you work on a sequel or even an update? But regardless good luck with whatever new game you're working on. Keep on the good work.


2008-02-29 16:13:17

ur awesome. im glad you see it our way. lol. are you going to start the sequel to the last stand now?


2008-03-01 13:42:03

What is the new project you are working on though...